This course lays the foundation for a deep understanding of traditional alchemy. It unravels the truth of what alchemy actually is and what it was designed to do. From its rich and colorful history to its many amazing alchemists that form a golden chain stretching all the way back to ancient Egypt.

Through live classes and one on one teacher interaction students learn the secret language of the alchemists and how to decipher the hidden meanings of their symbols.

We will explore the way in which the three kingdoms of life on earth are influenced by the cosmos, the planets in our solar system, the elements, the three principles of nature Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury, and more.

This course is the first step on the path to becoming a practical alchemist, a clinical alchemist or a master alchemist.

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Here you will form the basic principle pillars of your alchemical knowledge for your practice and lab work. During this portion you will cultivate a living relationship with the elements and the three kingdoms of nature (plant, animal, mineral); enabling you to begin to sync your inherent rhythm with that of the cosmos through practical meditations and spiritual exercises. Enhancing your ability to work alchemically and aid in the evolution of your own consciousness. These assigned spiritual lessons will expand your alchemical awareness in a hands on way increasing your psychic abilities and sharpening your intuition for diagnosis. 

Other first trimester fundamentals will include how to use elemental body type analysis and the application of proper diet, specific foods, herbs and lifestyle for each elemental type. We will learn how to identify the elements in your clients by facial and body analysis and get a simple questionnaire you can use to gain insight into their elemental constitution.

We will share recipes for food and lifestyle protocols that will enhance your health for yourself and your clients. We will learn to further separate the elements into degrees and how this knowledge will help you have a strong understanding of herbs and the ability to pair proper alchemical medicines for each person elemental body type. 

We will be working with the alchemical principles of Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury which equate to the physical body, subtle body and soul. We use this to identify where in the body a disease or disturbance is located, and how to treat each layer of the being. This also applies to the constitution of your patients, and we will help you use this information to identify the best path for harmonizing them holistically. We will be learning to chart the planetary rulership of the three layers of the body for yourself and your clients; which will assist in furthering your ability to find the best lifestyle, spiritual practices, and medicines to assist them to their highest potential.


This course teaches you the theory and practice of laboratory alchemy and its medicine making processes.

Graduates will have a strong working knowledge of standard operating procedures to work safely in the lab. You will learn which equipment is essential for alchemical works, how to operate and maintain the equipment, and where to source it.

You will learn the true spagyric making processes for producing alchemical essences, elixirs, majestries, and axions.

Detailed instructions are given for the various methods of extracting the healing essences, alkaloids, and minerals from the plant and mineral realms.

Other topics include proper planetary timings for harnessing cosmic forces such as harvesting of cosmic dew crystals.

Production of essential oils, hydrosols, and the process of making absolutes and oils.

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Clinical alchemy uses the methods of alchemical protocols and formulas unique to traditional alchemy in a therapeutic setting. These holistic methods are the culmination of the knowledge handed down through the ages by countless alchemist physicians who sought to help humanity through the healing power of alchemy.

In this training you will learn to observe and support your clients health and wellness through the methods of traditional alchemy, herbal medicine, and ancient healing techniques. We will learn to use medical astrology, planetary physiology, and an in depth understanding of herbs, animal and minerals treat your patients. Your herbal training will cover a wide range of botanicals and and their planetary affinities, as well as how they affect the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. We will cover elemental and planetary body types, astrological body zones, and how to gain insight into the organs systems through ancient diagnostic skills. Peer into the micro-macro and push-pull of cosmic forces and learn to apply these subtle sensitivities for the welfare of yourself and your clients. 

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